Rolls Royce Ghost

The Rolls Royce Ghost is a slightly smaller luxury saloon car from Rolls Royce Motor Cars.  Our black Rolls Royce Ghost has been given a complete makeover, featuring Vossen wheels along with a satin black bonnet and gloss black grill giving it a completley blacked out look, a real show stopper for any occasion.

The Ghost is a fairly new addition to the luxury car market, that being the case every inch of the car has hallmarks of a refined and sophisticated design.

As with the bigger Phantom saloon, the Ghost also features rear hinged doors, and are operated electronically from inside and close by themselves by hydraulic motors.

A Rolls Royce wouldn't be a Rolls Royce without the traditional Spirit of Ecstasy ornament on the end of the bonnet, as with the Phantom, it is fitted with an automatic retraction system. meaning the black lady disappears into the bonnet when the car is locked.

Every little detail in the Ghost has been designed to create a dynamic feel - from the sleek modern finishes to the beautiful leather which is hand-stitched and takes over 2 weeks to complete,

The Ghost features a whole host of goodies such as a top of the range voice recognition navigation system, premium entertainment system, rear-view and side view cameras, powered front and rear seats, heated wood and leather steering wheel, wireless headphone support, iPod adapter, head up display and a state of the art night vision system.

To ensure you get the best possible ride the Ghost is fitted with Variable Damping Control, Active Roll Stabilisation and four corner air springs imperceptibly provide the best possible ride for drivers and passengers. The suspension control is so sensitive it can detect and compensate for the movement of a passenger changing seats.

Platinum Executive Travel would love to arrange a Rolls Royce Ghost for you. Please contact us below and we can make the arrangements.