Ferrari 458 Spider

The first car to combine a mid engine with a folding hard top that delivers both comfort when closed performance.

Any car that is wonderful to drive due to having the sky above you as you sweep down country roads is a unique and truly unforgettable experience, with the 458′s unique exhaust note and having the scent of the world surround you make the occasion that little bit more special.

The soundtrack from the 458′s 570 bhp engine is like music to anyone’s ears which as brilliant background music, this adds to the pleasure of driving our 458.

The roof of the 458 spider is made up of two sections which fold so as to take up very little space and without raising the line of the rear deck. The two sections of the roof rotate rearwards separately, they stack on top of each other. This design created storage space behind the rear sets large enough to accommodate a golf bag.

When creating the 458 spider the main aerodynamic challenge which faced Ferrari was the fact there was no rear windscreen to direct the air flow towards the rear spoiler to create down force. To over come this the buttresses and engine cover were redesigned to tackle the turbulence normally generated by spiders.

The rear scoops on the spider are larger than on the coupé. Apart from cooling the oil radiators, the rear scoops also feed the engine air intakes.

In keeping with traditional Ferrari style the engine cover features six air vents which feature a modern twist. Between the two buttresses, there is an electric glass window which is an effective wind deflector.

The 458 Spider's engine is no longer in view, an innovation taken from the F430 Spider.

The Formula 1 cockpit style layout is designed specifically to reduce the drivers hand movements so the driver can remain focussed at the task in hand, driving. This layout also ensures that the driver feels at the very centre of the car and the driver is always in control.

The roof is ergonomically designed to accommodate even very tall occupants over 6ft 4 comfortably.

The 458 Spider is a less extreme car compared to the coupe, it is aimed more towards regular everyday driving and weekend road trips. The interior of the 458 is simple yet spacious with plenty of stowage space in the front luggage compartment as well as the rear bench.

The luggage compartment at the front of the 458 has a capacity of 58 litres.

The absence of the regular indicator stalks and the array of buttons on the steering wheel further enhance the connection between the 458 and the racing world. These buttons give the driver easy access to the controls without taking a hand off the steering wheel ensuring the driver is always in total control of the mighty 458 in all driving conditions. This is what Ferrari call the Human Machine Interface which really does put the driver in total control.

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