Audi R8 Spyder

Fascination of intensity taken to a new level: The R8 Spyder has a combination of open top driving and breath-taking performance. The V10 engine produces 525 bhp and catapults the R8 to 60 mph in 3.8 seconds and onwards to an electronically limited top speed of 155mph. The R8 Spyder is packed full of modern technology, including Audi’s own Space Frame which is made of a strong but lightweight aluminium and carbon fibre composite, the legendary quattro 4-wheel drive system, and LED headlights.

In keeping with classic Audi style the R8 Spyder has a cloth soft top. The soft top weighs a mere 42 kilograms this keeps the spyder’s weight and centre of gravity as low as possible. With the roof closed is blends into the design line.

The R8 Spyder is 1.9 meters wide and a mere 1.2 meters high - giving it a wide low stance just as a sports car should.

As with every Audi, the front grill makes the car easily recognisable as an Audi - The grill is wide, low and painted in gloss black. The front lip and the air inlets that suck air into three radiators are also finished gloss black.

The R8 Spyder features LED headlights. Audi is the first manufacturer In the world to use this technology for the low & high beams as well as the daytime running lights and the indicators. These lights are technical works of art.

In comparison to the Coupé, the R8 Spyder doesn't feature the side blades in front of the rear wheels.

The interior of the R8 Spyder is surprisingly spacious. The multifunction sports steering wheel features a flattened bottom, and the electric seats provide perfect support. The quality and finish of the interior is extraordinary; the controls are clear and easy to operate. The cabin includes storage compartments behind the seats with three bins, the luggage compartment at the front of the car can hold up to 100 litres of luggage.

The R8 has an excellent sound system from Bang & Olufsen,. The built-in navigation system features impressively high resolution and fast route calculation.