Vehicle Profile – Mercedes V-Class

Mercedes V-Class

At Platinum Executive Travel, we maintain a top-notch fleet of high-quality vehicles that can serve your needs. You already know that every car we offer is well-maintained and chauffeur-driven, so we thought we would introduce a monthly series that profiles some of the cars in our fleet, so you have an even better idea of what you are getting when you book a car with us. This month, we’ll be taking a look at the Mercedes V-Class.

Vehicle Information

This rugged and large-capacity vehicle is ideal for multi-person parties. Its spacious interior is sure to offer you the level of luxury that you need, with eight seats available to ensure that larger groups can travel in style together.

The car is beautifully defined, with sophistication high on the priority list. This is often a difficult thing for vehicle manufacturers to achieve with a car of this size, but Mercedes have pulled it off with the V-Class in exactly the way you would expect them to.

Each of the seats in the car benefit from leather upholstery, so you get the maximum amount of comfort needed, especially to locations that require longer drives than you may normally undertake.

Better yet, the car also offers three-colour ambient lighting, so you can create a relaxed mood during your journey. This makes it ideal for de-stressing to help you to get rid of those wedding day nerves.

Safety features are here in abundance too, as your driver is provided with in-built Active Parking assistance and a number of other features that measure driver fatigue, distance between the surrounding vehicles and weather conditions that may negatively affect the vehicle, allowing your driver to make adjustments as needed so that you get where you need to go in comfort.

The boot is fully adjustable too, so if you’re carrying more customers than luggage, your driver can offer you even more legroom in the back of the car to make your journey even more comfortable.

You Should Hire This Car For…

This vehicle is an excellent multi-purpose vehicle that is great as an additional wedding car if you have a lot of people in your wedding party and want to hire a car that stands out but doesn’t overshadow the vehicles that the bride and groom arrive in. This makes it ideal for transporting bridesmaids, ushers and other members of the wedding party, especially as the car offers plenty of interior space and comfort so you can be sure tuxedos, suits and dresses don’t end up with unsightly wrinkles.

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